OT: Sendmail gateway using mailertable and access db

Jens Ahlin mailing_lists+mailscanner at caleotech.com
Wed Nov 22 11:18:59 GMT 2006

Hi All,

I have a MailScanner box (CentOS 4) with sendmail-8.13.1-3 acting gateway
in front of an Exchange server (Not my decision). Now all mails for all
domains handled are scanned and forwarded to the exchange server. Lately
the amount of mail for unknown recipients has exploded over the roof and I
need to implement  a quick solution. The server is dying and I don't want
to be "that guy" that send undeliverable reports for spam/virus.

I'm using access db for another installation and it works fine there but
the MailScanner box is not a gateway. All mails are delivered locally. Now
with a sendmail installation in gateway mode this doesn't work. I have a
script that pulls all valid email addresses from the exchange server and
want to use access db to block all but my valid users. I have looked at
milter-ahead  but I could not figure out if this is the right thing for

My config using test.com as domain and xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx as the Exchange
server IP address.


test.com smtp[xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx]

access db:
test.com     RELAY
xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx     RELAY

TO:user at test.com    RELAY
TO:test.com         ERROR:5.1.1:550 User unknown

I have no "relay" FEATURE in my sendmail.mc.

Using this config results in all mails sent to user at test.com are rejected
with error 550 User unknown.

I have read the sendmail documentation regarding access db and tried a lot
of different settings (Only TO:, Only Connect:, TO: and Connect:)

Any idea of how to do this?


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