Brent Addis brent.addis at
Wed Nov 22 02:13:07 GMT 2006

Look into using SPF (everyone was supposed to be using it by 2004 
though, right?)

I get joe-jobbed fairly often on some of my domains, since implementing 
spf, the bounces have dropped to about 40% of what they were.

Many companies drop email coming from hosts that aren't listed as an 
address in a valid spf record, so they don't bounce back to you. Of 
course they still accept mail without any spf record assigned to it, but 
i'm sure that'll stop oneday. has a wizard for 
it. It gets inserted into your dns records.

Be warned though, if you have remote users, they will have to use a 
server within your spf realm for sending mail.

I would recommend turning off the catchall too.

Rob Poe wrote:
> Someone is sending spam as one of my domains (, if you're getting it, it's NOT me!).  I'm getting literally hundreds of bounce messages daily.
> I *DO* have a catchall for this domain, and that's getting a lot of the bounceback messages.  
> Anyone have any great ideas for at least slowing the delivery failure, bounced for spam, etc messages?
> It's image based stock spam that they're sending.  I'd really like them to stop, it's quite annoying.



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