Spambuckets, Bayes and MailScanner signatures

Stef Morrell stef at
Mon Nov 20 11:52:03 GMT 2006

Hi all,

Having recently gotten my head around extracting RFC822 email from
exchange servers using IMAP, I'm considering setting up a spambucket, so
my users can dump false negatives - then using some kind of suitable
script to feed them into sa-learn.

Now, Bayes has already been told to ignore the X-MailScanner-Blah
headers, in the spamassassin prefs, but I'm wondering about how it will
react to being fed things like the inline anti-phishing stuff and also
the "This has been scanned by MailScanner" etc signature.

Obviously what I don't want is for Bayes to get wrong ideas from dodgy
data. GIGO :)

Do I need to somehow process those bits out in an effort to restore the
original email, or does the order in which things are done mean that
it's not terribly relevant?


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