Clamav Update

Fabien GARZIANO fabien.garziano at
Mon Nov 20 09:40:53 GMT 2006

OOOps sory I forgot this : 
Clamav-config --version returns : 0.88.2

I the maillog file I got this strange entries : 
Nov 20 10:39:52 califw3 MailScanner[3685]: I have found  scanners
installed, and will use them all by default.
Nov 20 10:39:52 califw3 MailScanner[3685]: You appear to have no virus
scanners installed at all! This is not good. If you have installed any,
then check your virus.scanners.conf file to make sure the locations of
your scanners are correct

> part de Raymond Dijkxhoorn
> It would help if you told what version you are running...

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