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Howard Robinson Howard at
Fri Nov 17 11:33:50 GMT 2006

Dear list 
I am still having problem getting MailScanner not to strip HTML
(see previous email from me for details if you wish)

However when looking through maillog I saw this (multiple entires different dates & times obviously):-

Nov 17 11:25:39 blackhole2 MailScanner[29601]: Unrar command /usr/bin/unrar does not exist or is not executable, please either install it or remove the setting from MailScanner.conf

However in MailScanner .conf I have the following as I don't have unrar install.

# Where the "unrar" command is installed.
# If you haven't got this command, look at
# This is used for unpacking rar archives so that the contents can be
# checked for banned filenames and filetypes, and also that the
# archive can be tested to see if it is password-protected.
# Virus scanning the contents of rar archives is still left to the virus
# scanner, with one exception:
# If using the clavavmodule virus scanner, this adds external RAR checking
# to that scanner which is needed for archives which are RAR version 3.
# Unrar Command = /usr/bin/unrar
# The maximum length of time the "unrar" command is allowed to run for 1
# RAR archive (in seconds)
# Unrar Timeout = 50
There are no other references to unrar in MailScanner.conf.

I altered some of the header texts in MailScanner.conf so that I could look at a recieved email and see if the headers we reflecting the changes. They were which suggest that  MailScanner is using the .conf file I have been editing .
Is the syntax for unrar correct. 
Is there a MailScanner.conf 'systax tester' that would highlight any rouge characters that may have crept in?



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