Question regarding spam wrt general user names

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Thu Nov 16 16:55:43 GMT 2006

not sure exactly wht your asking but if the message is tagged as{?SPAM}
and you don't want it to be delivered use spam.action.rules like this.
To:             mail@*          delete
To:             adm@*           delete
To:             webmaster@*     delete
To:             info@*          delete
To:             root@*          delete
Look in your rules directory for examples.

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Subject: Question regarding spam wrt general user names

> Hi,
> I hope this question is relevant to this list. If not pls pt me to
> another list.
> I have a small server for web hosting and I have been using MailScanner
> for a while to handle the spam assassin and the
> virus scanners.  I'm very pleased.
> I have spam which is directed to users such as root, mail uucp etc. wrt
> any domain.  Because the e-mail address does not exist it is directed to
> root and eventually to me.
If it your own server and your running linux these addresses are list in
your /etc/aliases file

> Is is possible through mailscanner somehow to reject e-mail from
> root at, root at ...,
> mail at , mail at, ... etc.
not a good idea to just reject all email to these.
you are actually required to have postmaster at
and suppose to accpet mail to abuse at

> Thank-you in advance.
> David J.
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