Mailscanner not catching SPAM but manual run via SA catches it

René Berber r.berber at
Mon Nov 13 23:51:13 GMT 2006

Dan Carl wrote:
> Looks to me like there very close to one another.
> Do they have to be exact?

No, but one score is just the rounded (to one decimal) value, so they seem to be
the same.

> Both marked them as spam, good no problem.
> The problem I have is the the ones that get though MailScanner.
> They contain no information in the header.

That's an option on MS, look for "Always Include SpamAssassin Report".

> These are the same message.
> What gives? Me dog could tell this is SPAM.
> Its like Mailscanner changes the header but never scans the message
> Any ideas for me?

I would take a look at the mail log, was the message white listed?  Perhaps it
used a fake address which causes MS to not scan it (check custom rules if you
use them).

> sorry for the length just trying a give detail infomation.

No problem.

René Berber

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