Martin Hepworth martinh at
Mon Nov 13 18:03:25 GMT 2006

Rob Poe wrote:
> Someone is sending spam as one of my domains (, if you're getting it, it's NOT me!).  I'm getting literally hundreds of bounce messages daily.
> I *DO* have a catchall for this domain, and that's getting a lot of the bounceback messages.  
> Anyone have any great ideas for at least slowing the delivery failure, bounced for spam, etc messages?
> It's image based stock spam that they're sending.  I'd really like them to stop, it's quite annoying.

the latest sare_stock and dcc/razor2 handle the email quite nicely....

there's a nice ruleset for SA to deal with bounce email at....

BUT you'll need to stop of the rules firing otherwise alot of 
mailscanner processed stuff will get caught....add this to your

score VIRUS_WARNING15   0
score VIRUS_WARNING28   0
score VIRUS_WARNING33   0
score VIRUS_WARNING62   0
score VIRUS_WARNING66   0
score VIRUS_WARNING226  0
score VIRUS_WARNING250  0
score VIRUS_WARNING300  0
score VIRUS_WARNING326  0
score VIRUS_WARNING339  0
score VIRUS_WARNING340  0

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