Debora is a huge spammers!!!!

Rob Poe rpoe at
Mon Nov 13 17:50:10 GMT 2006

grep -c debora maillog 

server 1: 5881
server 2: 7996
server 3: 380
server 4: 1366
server 5: 1752

All of these servers are on different networks, each handling different domain names.

Server 2 is a co-located web host, and it has 2 relay domains (i.e. it scans and forwards for 2 domains), and 38 local domain names (for clients).

All servers are Centos (3 or 4, mostly 4), MailScanner latest, SA latest, 4-5 are greylisting, clam latest, running most of the SARE rulesets, most of them are using at least 1 or 2 RBLs.

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