Debora is a huge spammers!!!!

Glenn Steen glenn.steen at
Sun Nov 12 22:31:47 GMT 2006

On 12/11/06, Michael S. <admin at> wrote:
> I did a grep on Debora in my logs and although that ip reveals the same ip
> as what you have the rest are from all different ips so ip blocking wont do
> it.
Look through the stuff since the begining of this month... Had 28
matches, where 3 would've been false positives with a rule rejecting
anyone named debora.*@.* ... would be unacceptable to me. And MS cauth
the other ones so...:-).

If saw this in very large numbers, I might be tempted do try
capitalise it... But I'm afraid that if you cannot find something else
they have in common (and that you can easily identify at SMTP time),
you wouldn't be able to use this at all.
For me, looking at the headers for the 28, nothing really popped out.

-- Glenn
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