Mail Not Delivering

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Mon Nov 13 00:31:20 GMT 2006

On Sun, 12 Nov 2006, Glenn Steen wrote:

> Nope, I think it has something to do with general understaffing and
> continually jumping from one hot spot to the next (networking
> (switches, firewalls, VPN GWs, RSA ACE etc etc), Unix admin (some
> hefty AIX boxes, a slew of Suns, a plethora of linuces), backup

*snip* what are you a one man NOC ? surely you can delegate, but I 
know if somthing f2#$#s up it still comes back down to me, thats why 
competant engineers by my side are a must ;)

> The MX GWs with postfix/MailScanner/etc/etc is what _saves_ me time,
> more time to qmail (Q for quirky, right:) or snide^H^H^H^Hendmail if I

We are shortly about to remove qmail from equation on all our virtual 
domain boxes by using sendmail and cyrus, I'm sick to death of spending 2 days 
patching the usless peice of crap every time we want some other feature 
thats defaultly in sendmail and has been in it for like 8 years or more.

bernstein is right about one thing tho, qmail is secure, afterall how can 
you exploit somthing that does nothing :D


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