Mail Not Delivering --REALLY BAD!!

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Sun Nov 12 18:50:25 GMT 2006

On Sun, 2006-11-12 at 13:38 -0500, Jon Radel wrote:
> Have you explored whether your machine has been subverted?  There is
> always the possibility that somebody has installed something that
> handles SMTP, which might have very strange effects, or simply broken
> sendmail.  You're running all this on RH 9 (old, old).  Have you been
> applying all the security patches from the Fedora Legacy Project, which
> issued a security update for sendmail as recently as this April?
> If you have this machine bare on the Internet w/o at least a paranoid
> firewall at the host level, and you've not installed any patches since
> Red Hat dropped support for RH 9, well....  That would be not so good.
> I've re-read all your responses to this, and I don't catch any place
> where you've answered the implicit question that came up several times:
>  Did you do ANYTHING to the configuration of this machine on Friday?
> Did you do ANYTHING to the configuration of the network it plugs into on
> Friday?

sorry, I did nothing to the config files for a while. It was working
fine on Fri morning. and yes I do have a solid firewall in place... I
plan on replacing the whole system in a few months, i guess I just want
a basic solution for now...

> --Jon Radel

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