Mail Not Delivering --REALLY BAD!!

Jon Radel jon at
Sun Nov 12 18:38:38 GMT 2006

Have you explored whether your machine has been subverted?  There is
always the possibility that somebody has installed something that
handles SMTP, which might have very strange effects, or simply broken
sendmail.  You're running all this on RH 9 (old, old).  Have you been
applying all the security patches from the Fedora Legacy Project, which
issued a security update for sendmail as recently as this April?

If you have this machine bare on the Internet w/o at least a paranoid
firewall at the host level, and you've not installed any patches since
Red Hat dropped support for RH 9, well....  That would be not so good.

I've re-read all your responses to this, and I don't catch any place
where you've answered the implicit question that came up several times:
 Did you do ANYTHING to the configuration of this machine on Friday?
Did you do ANYTHING to the configuration of the network it plugs into on

--Jon Radel
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