MailScanner/sendmail load balancing

Dhawal Doshy dhawal at
Sat Nov 11 15:05:26 GMT 2006

Alex Neuman wrote:
> Daniel Maher wrote:
>> In our environment, we have a small cluster of incoming mail servers, 
>> each running Postfix & MailScanner.  We balance these via DNS, in the 
>> same way that Google, Yahoo, and many other email players do: our MX 
>> points to a single hostname (mail01), which in turn has A-records for 
>> each of the machines in the cluster.
>>            300     IN      MX      10
>> ;;
>>     3600    IN      A
>>     3600    IN      A
>>     3600    IN      A
>> Done and done - it works like a charm, and it is fantastically easy to 
>> set up and maintain.
> Do you also cluster the message stores? POP/IMAP?

I doubt you can do this for POP due to the UIDL problem, it'll create 
havoc for the 'leave message on server' people. You could though do it 
for the IMAP users, since they are supposed to always connected.

- dhawal

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