Mailwatch configuration for some servers

Glenn Steen glenn.steen at
Sat Nov 11 08:20:35 GMT 2006

On 10/11/06, Stephen Swaney <steve.swaney at> wrote:
> > Mais bien-sur;-).
> > Might even offer to do the Swedish one myself... Unless someone beats
> > me to it:-).
> > Anyway, I hope you have enough documentation now to be able to forge
> > ahead. Do take up any problems you encounter on the MailWatch list
> > (since they would likely be a bit off-topic on this one). You might
> > run into some rather well-known errors/discrepancies with 1.0.3, but a
> > quick search of gmane/the archive should get you through those
> > (Message Ops containing more than the quarantined entries, geoip
> > update not working right on some systems etc).
> >
> > Cheers,
> > --
> > -- Glenn (Slightly tipsy, else would never dare "air" my school-french:-)
> At the risk of stealing Steve's thunder, the new MailWatch will have
> multi-language support which will make it much easier easy to provide
> translations so I wouldn't spend a lot of time translating the current
> version.
Wouldn't dream of "jumping the gun" there:-).

> Steve is very busy right now working on the new MailWatch and new product
> for us which maybe why he's not been as active responding to MailWatch
> questions on this list as he normally is.
> Just keep an eye on or sign up for the
> MailWatch mailing list on the web site.
> It won't be that long :)

Since you _are_ the PHB^H^H^HBoss, that last statement is really
wonderful news;-)

-- Glenn
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