What is causing this rule to be tripped?

Matt Kettler mkettler at evi-inc.com
Fri Nov 10 21:19:34 GMT 2006

Michael Masse wrote:
> Never had an issue like this before.   This morning a pdf attachment
> tripped the 
> deny    .{150,}     Very long filename rule.   The filename is:
> RealTime Ultra.pdf
> Anyone know what could cause this?

A very long filename, over 150 characters in length.

Note the filename you're seeing in the report and your maillog is the
"sanitized" filename, not necessarily the real filename in the original message.
Check with the sender to be sure.

The santization is done to prevent an absurdly long filename (ie: many thousands
of charachters long) from flooding your logs with really large entries.

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