trackback option not valid config option?

René Berber r.berber at
Fri Nov 10 04:42:31 GMT 2006

Ken A wrote:
>> I'm just not sure whether the warning means the limit gets some
>> default, or if it's honoring the setting in the config file? This is
>> version 4.56.6-1
> Julian,
> I did some testing, and MailScanner is using the default of 30k when I
> specify the trackback option to Max SpamAssassin Size. For now, I've
> just hardcoded $maxsize in (certainly not the right way to fix
> this!), but it works, and gets me through the weekend.
> The trackback option seems to work correctly once it is used by
> MailScanner. I have a test email that scores FUZZY_OCR_CORRUPT_IMG every
> time otherwise.

I think the trackback option was introduced after the version you have, I have
it (and it works fine) with version 4.57.1 .
René Berber

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