Allowing .bmp and other Graphic Files To Get Through

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Depends on how many users you're talking about.  If it's just a few, I'd
set up whitelists for those select folks.  If you're managing multiple
domains and dealing with large numbers of people wanting this, it
becomes a policy decision and hence, much more political.  I try to stay
out of politics. <g>
In August I asked about allowing filetypes through via white lists.  See
the archives for August 10, subject "ALLOW FILETYPES in
MailScanner.conf".  Holler if you can't find it and I'll dig up the
details.  It was quite easy to set up...

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Hi there -


The current MailScanner configuration on our server does not allow .bmp
and other graphic files to get through to the recipient. 

I have received requests to be more lenient in this matter. What would
be the best configuration setting(s) to implement? Thanks. 

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