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Glenn Steen glenn.steen at
Thu Nov 9 10:33:27 GMT 2006

On 09/11/06, Dennis Willson <taz at> wrote:
> I would think that you would want to notify the recipient.
> If you had a user that sent a virus and didn't know it... then if
> neither the sender or recipient was informed, neither would know the
> email never arrived, or was striped of an attachment.

Er, well... that is entirely *policy*, not technology:-).
Depending on your setup and "local rules"... you assumptions might not
hold true Dennis.

And then there is the argument that a notification might be as
irritating as any spam... Exactly as you go on...:-).

> On an incoming email since so many of the from addresses of Spam
> and/or virus senders are bogus, you wouldn't want to notify the sender
> as that would be as bad as Spamming them. However, for those that come
> from real senders to your real users, you would want them to know
> someone is trying to send them something, but it's not getting through
> instead of it just disappearing (wouldn't you?).

Well, for certain setups (at least!) they would _never_ really just
disappear... They would end up in quarantine ad/or logged as
stripped... Possibly combined with a quarantine report.
So again, that would all depend:-).

> My configuration uses a set of receiving hubs that then forward to the
> real mail servers, and a different out-going set of servers (smart
> hosts). I have different rules for each. On the incoming it only
> notifies the recipients and on the outgoing it notifies the senders
> too (which are all only internal senders) A send also cannot spoof
> their outgoing address because even for local outgoing they must login
> using SMTP auth and the outgoing server only accepts from our domain,
> any from that is not our domain is rejected. Also no direct port 25
> access is allowed to/from the outside world.

Sounds like a nice setup, probably fitting your policy well;-).
Mine looks quite different (I wont bore you with the details...
again:-), and fit my requirements/policy equally well... Without
almost any notifications at all.

-- Glenn
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