Azher Amin azher at niit.edu.pk
Thu Nov 9 03:31:55 GMT 2006

Interesting, the output is below. After this I added on of the word 
'Ejaculate' in the /etc/mail/spamassassin/FuzzyOcr.words, but even then 
mailscanner is not recognizing it ..... is there any way that i can 
check whether the spamassasin is really using the FuzzyOCR ?? coz i 
doubt that spamassain is not using the FuzzyOCR pluggin.

Azher Amin

ns3:/opt/MailScanner/etc# gocr /home/azher/pict63.gif
_ Elevate sex drive to ne w levels - pe_orm I_ke a profess_onal w_th 
your pa _ner,
_ Maintainerectionsforlonqerperiods-penetrateyourpa_nerforhoursonend!
_ Raise ejaculation volu m e - Ejaculate I_ke a Pornstar_n enorm ous 
_ Help users realize a ne w deqree of sexual confidence and 
control-reaI_ze total and
absolutepoweranddom_nat_on_nbed w_thyourpa_ner,w_thyournew-found
Name        PatcheS     Reqular   Now
Steel p ac _     10 patc he 8    S_9.95   _49.95      Fcee shipping
Sil _ r p ac _     25 patc he 8    S129.95   _99.95     Fcee shipping 8n d
hld pac _      40 patche8    S189.95   _l49.95     execcise _8nu8l
Platin _ p ac _   65 patc he g    S259.95   _l99.95       inClUded

ajos1 at onion.demon.co.uk wrote:
> -
> Same as  Sweeny... I have only recently installed it... and not managed to test or tweak it...
> You will get a basic idea of what is being found by doing:
> gocr pict63.gif
> Some words are very clear... others not so clear...  lots of "r"s being intepreted as "c"...
> I will do some testing for you later on...
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> Subj: FuzzyOCR
> Date: Wed, 08 Nov 2006 17:52:26 -0800
> Hi,
> I am using MailScanner on Debian and its working fine. To test the image 
> spams i installed the FuzzyOCR and the related packages as listed on the 
> mailscanner wiki. However I just received an email with image which can 
> be seen here : http://www.niit.edu.pk/~azher/pict63.gif .It is just 6KB 
> in size. I then added the words from this image to 
> /etc/mail/spamassassin/FuzzyOcr.words, restarted mailscanner and again 
> tried sending to another local account, but the image slipped again.
> Can some one plz guide why MailScanner missed the attachment and how i 
> can tweak to catch images like above.
> Regards
> Azher Amin

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