Is razor working?

Martin Hepworth martinh at
Wed Nov 8 16:47:00 GMT 2006

Douglas Ward wrote:
> I have fully configured MailScanner, spamassassin and razor (among many 
> other programs).  Everything is in full production.  I have followed the 
> documentation on <> 
> and everything seems to be working properly.  Now that I am scanning 
> through the log files, I don't think MailScanner is using razor.  Here 
> are the stats of grep -c in /var/log/mail/info:
> PYZOR hits 729 times
> DCC hits 5450 times
> RAZOR hits 0 times
> This doesn't sound right.  I will list the relevant portion of 
> spam.assassin.prefs.conf below:
> # paths to utilities
> pyzor_path /usr/bin/pyzor
> dcc_path /usr/bin/dccproc
> razor_path /usr/bin/razor-check
> Using default timeouts and none of the stop checks are uncommented.  I 
> specify the location of razor with the following command:
> razor_config /root/.razor
> Razor is writing to the log file properly but I don't think 
> MailScanner/spamassassin uses it.  How can I make sure that it is being 
> used?  Thanks!

have you installed the plugins for Spamassassin? 

Also make sure the razor config points to a decent directory (ie outside 
any of the spool areas.)

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