MailScanner.conf parameter question

Julian Field MailScanner at
Mon Nov 6 18:45:05 GMT 2006

Integrated Technologies wrote:
> Just a little confused on one setting in the MailScanner.conf file:
> Sign Message Already Processed = yes
> If I set the above to “no”, will it still scan a reply returned to me 
> and just not append it with another footer sig? Or will this 
> completely allow the returned message to bypass MailScanner altogether?
No, it does exactly what it says. It will still scan it, I ain't that 
dumb :-)

> I can see the value of not signing the message numerous times; 
> especially if it was a business email (for example) that requires 
> multiple replies…But then again, if this allows the replied to message 
> to completely bypass MailScanner then I’ll have to rethink my strategy…
> Please advise.
> My gratitude for your time and patience
> SRB, Integrated Technologies
> Owner/Senior Developer
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