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Martin Hepworth martinh at
Sat Nov 4 09:27:31 GMT 2006

Jeremy Blonde wrote:
> I've been running with AWL, Bayes, and Razor with 4.55.6.  It's been
> running fine and it's tuned to the point that I'm not constantly keeping
> tabs on it.
> The other night I upgraded to 4.56.8 and the SpamAssassin scores were
> all over the place.  I noticed that SpamAssassin was now adding a number
> of new flags (or perhaps that's due to MailScanner), but the scores were
> so divergent that I had to watch it at all times because it was catching
> a lot of false positives.  Not all messages were getting an AWL score or
> Bayes score.  The most problematic domains were,,
> etc., any of the ones that have a mixture of legit and spam sources.  I
> noticed that autolearn was working, I could see the message scores
> fluctuating as it learned but it was actually lowering the score on some
> messages that should have been learned as spam (although now that I
> think about it, I'll have to verify that it wasn't AWL that was lowering
> the score).
> Is there something I'm missing with the upgrade?  Do I need to clear AWL
> or do some tweaking of the SpamAssassin scores in order to tune this?  I
> haven't had to tweak the SpamAssassin scores very much in the past.
> Also, ALL_TRUSTED is turned off and I didn't run with Razor.
> Thanks,
> Jeremy Blonde
> Instructional Technology - Server Support
> Grant Joint Union High School District
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personnaly I find AWL a was of time and often leads to SA not spotting 
spam. Others find it works, but alot of people (like me) find it's only 
useful for small end-user populations (less than 10).

I turn of off by disabling the plugin on init.pre.

I'd check you're trusted_networks etc in spam.assassin.prefs.conf is OK, 
  as that seems to be the cause of lots of AWL problems.
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