MailScanner 4.56.8

Jeremy Blonde JeremyBlonde at
Fri Nov 3 16:39:34 GMT 2006

I've been running with AWL, Bayes, and Razor with 4.55.6.  It's been
running fine and it's tuned to the point that I'm not constantly keeping
tabs on it.

The other night I upgraded to 4.56.8 and the SpamAssassin scores were
all over the place.  I noticed that SpamAssassin was now adding a number
of new flags (or perhaps that's due to MailScanner), but the scores were
so divergent that I had to watch it at all times because it was catching
a lot of false positives.  Not all messages were getting an AWL score or
Bayes score.  The most problematic domains were,,
etc., any of the ones that have a mixture of legit and spam sources.  I
noticed that autolearn was working, I could see the message scores
fluctuating as it learned but it was actually lowering the score on some
messages that should have been learned as spam (although now that I
think about it, I'll have to verify that it wasn't AWL that was lowering
the score).

Is there something I'm missing with the upgrade?  Do I need to clear AWL
or do some tweaking of the SpamAssassin scores in order to tune this?  I
haven't had to tweak the SpamAssassin scores very much in the past.
Also, ALL_TRUSTED is turned off and I didn't run with Razor.

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