how to cache no-spam message shown its content in mailwatch

Glenn Steen glenn.steen at
Fri Nov 3 19:48:12 GMT 2006

On 03/11/06, Ken A <ka at> wrote:
'> Glenn Steen wrote:
> >
> > There are at least a couple of things to check when it comes to
> > FuzzyOcr... First is the size of the snippet MailScanner sends to
> > SpamAssassin... Make it rather large (somewhere around 350-400 KiB
> > should do).
> Ouch! That sounds too high to me. I've never seen a spam image over 30
> or 40k, add the text and html bits and maybe 200k for luck, then set
> "trackback" in MailScanner.conf
> Ken A
> Pacific.Net
I'll admit to being in my cups a bit (oh no, not again!:-), but the
reason to be "silly-large" isn't _for the spams_, it is to make real
images pass without truggering FuzzyOcr (and others) in error. Or
perhaps I'm halucinating badly (shouldn't be, that was a nice Kiwi
white ("Vicars choice", very nice, if a bit "fruity")).

-- Glenn
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