how to cache no-spam message shown its content in mailwatch

Ken A ka at
Fri Nov 3 19:35:28 GMT 2006

Glenn Steen wrote:
> On 03/11/06, Cheng Bruce <itlist at> wrote:
>> Hi Glenn,
>> Thank you so much.
>> I thought it only can set one function (deliver or store or ...).
>> Yes, I got a lot of spams.
>> I have setup the FuzzyOCR tonight, and I test it via " spamassassin -t <
>> corrupted-gif.eml" and get high scores more than 10, then do " 
>> spamassassin
>> --lint" , restart mailscanner and run update SA in mailwatch (I can 
>> see the
>> FuzzyOCR rules on screeen ).
>> But it doesn't work, the spam with gif still comes through. I thought 
>> I need
>> to add some words in FuzzyOcr.words, but I use that gif to test it by
>> manual, my God, it got the 23.7 scores.
>> I think there must be somewhere wrong in my Mailscanner.conf or
>> spam.assassin.prefs.conf
>> Would you please advise me how to solve it ?
>> Please help me and thank you in advance.
> There are at least a couple of things to check when it comes to
> FuzzyOcr... First is the size of the snippet MailScanner sends to
> SpamAssassin... Make it rather large (somewhere around 350-400 KiB
> should do). 

Ouch! That sounds too high to me. I've never seen a spam image over 30 
or 40k, add the text and html bits and maybe 200k for luck, then set 
"trackback" in MailScanner.conf
Ken A

The second is to check that FuzzyOcr actually works with
> the user you are running MailScanner as (mostly important for Postfix,
> which usually run as an unpriviledged user) ... "su - postfix -s
> /bin/bash" and run the test there... If you are running Postfix, that
> is:-).
> ISTR there being some debate about similar situations on the list in
> the last few weeks/month or so, so you might benefit from searching
> the list a bit (gmane is very good for this).

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