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Thu Nov 2 18:57:05 GMT 2006

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Matt Kettler wrote:
> Julian Field wrote:
>>>> Any chance you might consider adding an ifplugin statement to frame the dcc_path
>>>> command?
>>>> ifplugin Mail::SpamAssassin::Plugin::DCC
>>>> dcc_path <whatever>
>>>> endif
>> As above, they won't have DCC installed yet. That's what reading the 
>> instructions tells them to do: go and install it.
> Yes, which is *EXACTLY* why you want the ifplugin.
Ah, I thought the "ifplugin" was some pseudo-code you were using to try 
to explain the problem. I didn't realise that "ifplugin" was a real 
piece of allowable syntax. I have added it to the DCC and Pyzor config 

>>>> That might cause DCC to break for someone making a new setup using SA 3.0.x and
>>>> the latest MailScanner, but who's going to get the latest MailScanner while
>>>> using an old version of SA?
>> But it's an installer for the latest version of SA. If they are running 
>> it at all, they won't have SA 3.0.x. So I don't need to handle SA 3.0.x. 
>> If they managed to run the whole installer and end up with 3.0.x 
>> installed, I would dearly like to know how, seeing as it installs 3.1.x !!
> What???
> Look. Julian. We're clearly on a different page here.
> I'm talking about MailScanner here. So I'm talking about the MailScanner install
> process. I am not talking about your optional clamav/sa bundle pack.
> ie:
> That does NOT install spamassassin as far as I know.
> So does the MailScanner install process even tell users to modify their v310.pre?
No, it doesn't. The MailScanner process doesn't mention SpamAssassin in 
any of its output.
Given that I think we both agree (for once! :-) what was it that you 
wanted me to do?


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