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DAve dave.list at
Tue May 23 20:29:07 IST 2006

Julian Field wrote:
> How about I move the trip-planning to the Wiki?
> Then you could start filling in bits yourselves, such as suggested routes?
> I will create a "World Tour" section containing "Trips" containing 
> suggested stops and then dates and finally places etc.)
> ?
> Sound good to you guys? We have gone slightly O.T. I notice :-)

My work load would appreciate it ;^)


> DAve wrote:
>> Julian Field wrote:
>>> Best time so far looks to be about Easter next year. I would spend 
>>> about 3 weeks doing it, so I can get to visit lots of you around the 
>>> world. It should be fun. I will have a new annual-leave year then, 
>>> with enough time to do it. It's a bit late to organise for this 
>>> summer, and the plane fares will cost me a lot more.
>>> So we are looking at Easter '07. How does that fit with people? Is it 
>>> very much the wrong time of year for anyone? I would probably plan on 
>>> spending 3 nights in each place so I get a good couple of days there, 
>>> with travelling on the day in between.
>>> I would like to include South Africa and New Zealand too, but I could 
>>> well do those separately. Maybe them this summer, plus any others in 
>>> Europe or non-USA/Canada locations?
>> Well as much as I am proud to be a Hoosier, (I actually consider 
>> myself a Texan, spent 16 years there in the USAF, married, both sons 
>> born there) you only have three weeks!
>> You should see DC, New York, and the Pacific Northwest 
>> (Seattle/Alaska). A whirlwind "MailScanner World Tour" should see the 
>> sights first. Indiana can only offer home town hospitality, good 
>> cookin', and friendly people. If you come, we would love to have you.
>> If you had more time, I would suggest crossing the USA coast to coast. 
>> Stay off the interstates, hit the small towns, Maine to western New 
>> York, down the Appalachians, up through Tennessee to Indiana and 
>> Wisconsin, across the Great Plains to Texas and Oklahoma, over the 
>> Rockies to Seattle and down Highway 101 to San Diego.
>> Do it on a motorcycle, you would never be the same ;^)
>> DAve
>>> This should be fun!
>>> Kevin Miller wrote:
>>>> Dimitri Yioulos wrote:
>>>>> I'd love to join, as I lived in that great city for a few years).  Do
>>>>> New York, then up the coast to Boston, where I currently live.  It's
>>>>> a wonderful place with lots of history.  Also fun, as there are many
>>>> Just a warning Jules - don't let the Bostonians invite you out for tea!
>>>> <g>
>>>> ...Kevin

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