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Tue May 23 20:09:15 IST 2006

DAve a écrit :
> Julian Field wrote:
>> Best time so far looks to be about Easter next year. I would spend 
>> about 3 weeks doing it, so I can get to visit lots of you around the 
>> world. It should be fun. I will have a new annual-leave year then, 
>> with enough time to do it. It's a bit late to organise for this 
>> summer, and the plane fares will cost me a lot more.
> You should see DC, New York, and the Pacific Northwest 
> (Seattle/Alaska). A whirlwind "MailScanner World Tour" should see the 
> sights first. Indiana can only offer home town hospitality, good 
> cookin', and friendly people. If you come, we would love to have you.
> If you had more time, I would suggest crossing the USA coast to coast. 
> Stay off the interstates, hit the small towns, Maine to western New 
> York, down the Appalachians, up through Tennessee to Indiana and 
> Wisconsin, across the Great Plains to Texas and Oklahoma, over the 
> Rockies to Seattle and down Highway 101 to San Diego.
> Do it on a motorcycle, you would never be the same ;^)
Last June I went to Ogunquit (a really nice place on the Atlantic, just 
north of Boston) on my motorcycle.  I was surprised to see so many 
Harleys on the roads.  Looks like you Americans only drive Harleys...  I 
felt somewhat out of place on my Honda ST (Pan European on the other 
side of the Atlantic)... but was glad to be riding a really comfortable 

As for food in the USA... well... we're more accustomed to refined 
French cuisine than to fried everything that is all over the place on 
your side of the border...  I don't know about England, but I warn 
Julian nonetheless to be prepared to eat *differently*.  That said, I 
only know about dishes served in restaurants, not homemade food.


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