Getting pounded .. sigh

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> > I remember talk some time ago, not here, of a way to slow down the
> > sender by doing something with an ACK (really out of my pond here).
> > Anyone know what I might be thinking of?  If there's some way to hold
> > the connection to sender open, that would slow them down sending out
> > crap.
> I thnk you're thinking of sendmail's greet pause feature.  Works great
> for "botted" home machines, but real MX hosts aren't tripped up by it.
> Another feature that may be of some help is the recipient throttle
> (assuming he's using sendmail - Postfix, etc. probably have something
> similar) but I'm not using it myself so don't know for sure...
> ...Kevin
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 If you're using sendmail 8.13 look at: 

It's Contents

    * 1. Limiting the Rate of Incoming Connections
          o 1.1. The ratecontrol Feature
          o 1.2. The Connection Rate Throttle
    * 2. Limiting Simultaneous Connections with the conncontrol Feature
    * 3. Thwarting Dictionary Attacks
          o 3.1. Limiting the Number of Recipients per Message
          o 3.2. Reacting to "Bad" Recipients
    * 4. Blocking Slammers with the greet_pause Feature
    * 5. Other Ways to Protect Your sendmail Server
    * 6. Afterword


Stephen Swaney
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