Getting pounded .. sigh

Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at
Mon May 22 19:15:53 IST 2006

sandrews at wrote:
> I remember talk some time ago, not here, of a way to slow down the
> sender by doing something with an ACK (really out of my pond here).
> Anyone know what I might be thinking of?  If there's some way to hold
> the connection to sender open, that would slow them down sending out
> crap.

I thnk you're thinking of sendmail's greet pause feature.  Works great
for "botted" home machines, but real MX hosts aren't tripped up by it.
Another feature that may be of some help is the recipient throttle
(assuming he's using sendmail - Postfix, etc. probably have something
similar) but I'm not using it myself so don't know for sure...

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