MailScanner is responsible for SWAP usage!

Michael S. admin at
Mon May 22 09:38:29 IST 2006

I agree Matt, it's the best post I'v seen all day.

I will not be replying to any further flames on the subject.

Thank you.

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Michael S. wrote:
> Koopman, why don't you follow the thread and note my original message was
> quite cordial. It's the snotty remarks from Kai that started it. Notice
> he has shut up since? I merely suggested that MS was swapping on my box.
> Then I got a bunch of nasty, snotty replies. Defend MS all the way, but
> there is no need to be rude about it.


Please take this in good nature this is intended.

It's Monday - start of the week. Same Sh*t different week.

This is friendly and well supported board and the degree to which this
thread has flared up is normally restricted to the Postfix/MailScanner
"debates"! ;-)

Micheal: The Thread title was a poor choice without some evidence to
back it up. As stated all processes could cause swapping to occur so you
need to examine whether this is actually causing a performance issue.

Everyone else:  You know where the delete button is.  It's not worth the
raised eyebrows/blood pressure to get this worked up.

Let's all go and get our choice of "get me through the day" beverage and
  carry on using (and abusing) MailScanner and trying to support our
wonderful users.


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