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Jon Radel jon at
Mon May 22 01:45:47 IST 2006

Michael S. wrote:
>>> Are all the people from Germany assholes or is that only a select few?
>>> Go flame somebody else Kai, or whatever you call yourself. 
> Yes, my answer may sound unfriendly. That's exactly what I feel your posting
> and some others from you I saw earlier this week were. Community is a give
> and 
> take. And before you cry for the community get your act together. As I 
> understand you are a *system administrator*, are you?
> Kai
>>> Get over yourself. Since nobody was talking to you personally in any
> previous post you should lean to mind your own. If you don’t have anything
> constructive to say why even bother? Or didn’t they teach you that as a kid?
> Obviously they didn’t!
>>> Absolute Moron!

Ahhhh, you know, when we suggested you make your point coherently we
didn't really mean that you should start making fun of people's names.

You grow unamusing, so I'm out of here.

[My apologies to the rest of you for any role I had in encouraging him.]

--Jon Radel

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