Script to download latest from Julians Site

Lance Haig lhaig at
Wed May 17 08:19:26 IST 2006

Hi Glenn,

I was just thinking it would be quicker to get the files with a single 

Dhawal has created something for me to try and look at.



Glenn Steen wrote:
> On 16/05/06, Lance Haig <lhaig at> wrote:
>> Has anyone written a script that you can use to download the latest
>> versions of programs from Julian's site?
>> I was just wondering as I always download them locally first then have
>> to upload and if I am on dial up it takes forever.
>> if this has not been done I want to try to write one.
>> Thanks
>> Lance
> If you allow the server http, you could well use lynx or links or
> similar tool (even wget and curl could be helpful, although then you
> need know/find out the locations... or just mirror
> or somesuch (wget
> -mirror ... or whatever) :-).
> Personally I prefer to use lynx, since I do this infrequently... And
> lynx is enough to get the job done.

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