Bug in sa-update script and other small things

Julian Field MailScanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Fri May 12 09:07:23 IST 2006

On 11 May 2006, at 13:24, Kai Schaetzl wrote:

> 1.
> There's a bug in the sa-update script from May 8. The $Disabled  
> stuff has
> been taken over from the perl scripts and therefore throws an error.
> Correct version:
> ---------------
> Disabled=1
> if [ $Disabled -eq 1 ]; then
>     exit
> fi
> ---------------

Oops, forgot which language I was writing.

> Btw: is this file getting replaced with a new version if it exists  
> or only
> placed there if non-existant? (Replacement would change the Disabled
> setting).


> Same question for clean_quarantine.

It already did this.

> 2.
> the default path for gunzip given as /usr/bin/gunzip is not the  
> default on
> Red Hat or SuSE, it's /bin/gunzip. I suggest changing this since  
> these are
> the main targeted platforms it seems.


> 3.
> could we somehow stop adding the mailscanner.conf symlink to
> /etc/mail/spamassassin with each upgrade? I have to remove it each  
> time
> and easily forget that.

That one is a bit more awkward.

> 4.
> is there a chance you list upgraded perl src.rpms in a file so one can
> easily see which ones are new? I really don't see much sense in  
> installing
> the whole bunch of src.rpms time and again with each upgrade and  
> mostly
> just upgrade the mailscanner.rpm. But I check with the older  
> directory if
> there are any newer Perl rpm versions and build and install these if I
> don't have them already.
> I think there's also something wrong with the detection of already
> existing versions, so that rpms get built and installed although  
> that rpm
> is already on board with a newer version. (I don't mean the ones
> -MIME-Base64, MIME-Tools- where it says "I'm sorry I have to force  
> this -
> btw: I have been running MailScanner just fine with the regular
> MIME-Base64 or the CPANed one in the past.) It might be helpful to  
> have
> more command-line parameters for install.sh, f.i. "noperl" for not
> installing any of the packaged Perl rpms and "onlyforcedperl" for only
> installing those Perl rpms that are installed anyway.

There are some modules where it isn't easy to tell what version you  
already have installed. It doesn't install more than it finds necessary.
I might make this more clever at some point, but it's not exactly  
high on the list :-(

Julian Field
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