SPARC Solaris 10?

Pentland G. G.Pentland at
Mon May 8 10:00:09 IST 2006

From an earlier conversation that was off list...


If you need a hand with SMF let me know, basics are...

1. Stick a normal init script in /lib/svc/method

2. Copy the xml for telnet or something, from /var/svc/manifest

3. Put that in /var/svc/manifest/site>

4. edit the obvious stuff

Then "svccfg import <absolute path to xml>"

Should be fine.


NEVER change any Sun supplied manifests, as soon as you do that you will
be in a world of trouble if you install patches with reading every file
in them.

The Sun supplied manifests do and will change with patch installs.

Also the has done in the past with Sun patches, so make
those backups before you install any patches!

When I get can get a wiki login I'll add this in more detail.

I hope that will save someone some grief!


BTW Recovering SMF from a database corruption is a nightmare!

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