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Mon May 8 02:00:17 IST 2006


Hi guys,


I recently installed a new centos 4.3 - mailscanner/mailwatch box which im
using as a test solution to move away from cpanel.


However upon starting this I get 2 errors when I tail the maillog. I know
these errors may not be directly related to each product 
mailscanner or mailwatch but I thought I would ask anyway.



Unable to initialise database connection: Access denied for user
'mailwatch'@'localhost' (using password: YES)

--> I know what this problem is but unsure of the command on how to setup a
user/pass for mailwatch at localhost in the sql database. Anyones help
would be appreciated?


Could not use Custom Function code
MailScanner::CustomConfig::InitMailWatchLogging, it could not be "eval"ed.
Make sure the module is correct with perl -wc

--> I do not know what this error is about. Anyone?


Thanks Guys


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