Inline attachment not inline

Heath Carson heath at
Fri Mar 31 23:06:09 IST 2006


I've got MailScanner 4.51.6-1 installed on RHEL4 with Sendmail. Everything
is working great except for one thing. 

Because of the Perl CR LF End of Line bug that is currently affecting
MailScanner, I'd like the attachment warnings to be put inline above the
message body so my Outlook users don't have to open the
Attachment-Warning.txt file with Notepad. 

So I set "Warning Is Attachment = no", but MailScanner will only put the
warning inline if the original message body is empty. If there is any text
in the original message body, the warning is always made an attachment
rather than being inserted inline at the top of the message body.

Is this normal behavior? I can't find anything saying it is or isn't.


heath <at>

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