Drew Marshall drew at themarshalls.co.uk
Wed Mar 29 19:30:49 IST 2006

On 29 Mar 2006, at 17:16, Kevin Droz wrote:

> I'm running RH9 w/ MailScanner 4.38 using Sendmail.
> I have strange issue with a particular e-mail. Were using Outlook  
> and hit
> send and receive. The e-mail sits in the outbox and then times out.  
> I can
> send e-mail outbound and internal to other users with no problems.  
> It only
> appears to be an issue with this particular domain. The domain is
> "futuremetals.com" When I lookup the DNS for this domain the name  
> servers
> time out.
> My question is shouldn't the system accept the e-mail to the queue  
> and then
> defer it till the system is back online. It's like the domain  
> doesn't exists
> and the server is stopping the mail at the client.
> Here is the error the Mail log: "Lost input channel from XXX.com
> [XX.XX.XX.XXX] to MTA after rcpt"

I would suggest this is caused by your MTA doing some form of look up  
against the domain before accepting mail. I ensure that (In Postfix  
terms) my 'trusted networks' are permitted to queue mail and by pass  
all other checks that would normally happen for incoming mail (From  
untrusted networks). That way the client always send it's mail and  
the server has to do the job of deciding if it can deliver etc. I can  
do this for trusted clients as I know they are available to receive  
any bounce notifications.

Are you using something like milter ahead which would be trying to  
check if the domain/ address exists? That would do it also.


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