Kevin Droz drozk at moeller.com
Wed Mar 29 17:16:02 IST 2006

I'm running RH9 w/ MailScanner 4.38 using Sendmail. 

I have strange issue with a particular e-mail. Were using Outlook and hit
send and receive. The e-mail sits in the outbox and then times out. I can
send e-mail outbound and internal to other users with no problems. It only
appears to be an issue with this particular domain. The domain is
"futuremetals.com" When I lookup the DNS for this domain the name servers
time out. 

My question is shouldn't the system accept the e-mail to the queue and then
defer it till the system is back online. It's like the domain doesn't exists
and the server is stopping the mail at the client. 

Here is the error the Mail log: "Lost input channel from XXX.com
[XX.XX.XX.XXX] to MTA after rcpt"


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