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Wed Mar 29 14:45:46 IST 2006

 Im using mbox =( . If its a MS problem what will i do ? Upgrade or some tweak ?

Drew Marshall <drew at> wrote: On Wed, March 29, 2006 14:13, spart cus wrote:
> Hi Drew,
>  What specific things should i look on the logs. Im getting 4 emails with
> the same message id. And im  using dovecot for my pop3 services. Like for
> example , i have these email tag as spam but i received 4 times with the
> same message id. is there something wrong with my postfix and
> Mailscanner?

Dovecot? Good that makes life easier, I think (Never used it but I believe
it uses standard maildirs?). Assuming you are running maildir, can you go
to the mailbox where the duplicated mail was delivered and ls -l the
directory. This should give the true message id that Postfix gave the
message on delivery. They *should* be unique as detailed in one of the
RFC's (Postfix does follow this).

If the message id's are unique then I would suggest the mail is being
duplicated by the sender or by an interupted SMTP session.

If they are not then it's a Postfix/ MailScanner problem.

My guess is the former but I wait to be shown my guess is off mark again!


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