Forwaring Mail

Johnny Stork jstork at
Mon Mar 27 19:06:00 IST 2006

I am trying to determine if there is a way to get 

sendmail to forward all mail to a particular user, 

to another account? The problem here is that the 

user is not a local user so the use of a .forward 

file wont work. Here is our setup.


Gateway SMTP server which receives all external 

mail, runs it through MailScanner and then 

through a mailertable entry, routes everything 

coming in to the domain, over to an 

internal mail server (server2) running Scalix. 

The Scalix server does not have, nor require 

that a local user name exists as it handles 

all accounts. I need to disable a user on the 

Scalix server, and so need to re-route/forward 

this persons mail at the gateway, server1 before 

it is sent to server2 by the mailertable entry. Server1 
runs Sendmail, MailScanner and MailWatch.

Is this possible without creating a user on server1?
 Johnny Stork
 Information & Technology Manager 
Provincial Blood Coordinating Office 

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