Blacklist on email to

John Schmerold john at
Mon Mar 27 16:12:15 IST 2006

Please add me to the list of those interested in your script.

Chris Mason (Lists) wrote:

> Kai Schaetzl wrote:
>> Then you want to use the access.db. If you don't know what this is, 
>> install Webmin and administer it that way.
>> Kai
> I know what it is. The access db is a way to manually block senders, 
> which is not what I asked for.
> Anyway, I found a script that did what I was looking for, modified it, 
> integrated it into the apf firewall so that the ip of spammers trying 
> a dictionary name attack (or rumplestiltskin if you want to correct 
> name) were added to the block list of the firewall. It's working 
> beautifully now, I've blocked 10 spam relays today already, which is 
> probably 1,000 pcs spam.
> This form of spam attack was driving me nuts, for some reason they 
> like my domain.
> I'm happy to share the method with anyone who is interested.

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