Broken vacation rule [Scanned by]

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at
Sun Mar 26 23:00:58 IST 2006


> And one wonders why so many people despise lists which insert a "Reply-To"
> header that points back to the list..
> Too many *CENSORED* out there that think "reply" is an appropriate behavior for
> a vacation rule.
> Of course, if we're lucky someone will spamcop's mailservers.
> (Spamcop DOES accept reports for broken vacation rules, which this clearly is,
> and it was done by a systems admin who should know better. While I hate to see
> companies listed because some *CENSORED* in marketing crafted up his own
> vacation rule without following procedure, I don't have any sympathy for freecom
> if they get listed for this.)

About to write a small .cf for SA to crap this out ;) hahahaha. ....


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