How do I block a domain from the recieved portion of headers

Brandon Hoppe bhoppe at
Tue Mar 21 15:56:40 GMT 2006

A virus on a users machine from an outside domain keeps sending email to a
user on my domain. MailScanner is detecting the virus and removing it. But
the problem is that I get these emails atleast once an hour. It always comes
from the same place. It disguises itself as though the email comes from my
domain, but the full headers shows it comes from another domain. For



Full headers are:
 Return-Path: <g>
 Received: from ( 



My domain is named I am not on RoadRunner so the
address above is where its originating from. 


What’s the best way to go about blocking this domain or sub-domain so that I
stop receiving the notices of detected virus emails from MailScanner. 



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