Default MTA for various distros

John Rudd jrudd at
Sat Mar 18 17:05:54 GMT 2006

On Mar 18, 2006, at 5:12 AM, shuttlebox wrote:

> On 3/18/06, Paul Welsh <paul at> wrote:
>> It boils down to CentOS or Debian because security patches will
>> be available for these for the longest time (CentOS 4 till Feb 2012 
>> and for
>> Debian "about one year after the next stable distribution has been
>> released").  OpenSUSE will be updated for 2 years.  CentOS is 
>> therefore my
>> preferred choice.
> Does that really matter? Will you be on release 4 for the next six
> years? It takes 30 minutes to upgrade.

Only if you consider the most trivial aspects of an upgrade.

In reality, in a non-trivial environment, it can take months to go from 
the start of an upgrade process to the completion of an upgrade.  In 
that kind of environment, it can be nice to know that you wont have to 
put one of those processes on your todo list for a few years.

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