How to whitelist my clietns ?

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Alex Neuman van der Hans <alex at> wrote: It is correct...

spart cus wrote:
> here's what i want to do.
> 1. Allow SysAd sender (From)
> 2. Deny (From)
> FromorTo:            SysAd            yes
> FromorTo:         &nb! sp;    no
> FromorTo:            default             no
> is this correct ? to check if i understand it correctly


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Thanks. It is possible to create a ruleset for whitelist and blacklist. Is this also correct?
 Is Definitely Not Spam = whitelist.rules
 Is Definitely Spam = blacklist.rules
 FromorTo:                  SysAd            yes
 FromorTo:                    default          no
 FromorTo:                 yes
 FromorTo:                  default            no
 Do i always need to put the last line "FromorTo:     default          no" on both .rules?
 Another thing does spamassassin use port 53 ? i only open ports 25,110,80 for my mail server. Im using ClamAv and Spamassassin.
 many thanks.
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