spam with long file name gifs

Dave wintermutecx at
Thu Mar 16 21:47:52 GMT 2006

I'm getting a lot of reject messages for files with long names. The
few I looked at appear to be those spams with a gif image attached,
but it looks like they have quite a few random words as the file name.

Any way to work around this without disabling the long file name rule?

Report: MailScanner: Very long filenames are good signs of attacks
against Microsoft e-mail packages (salesgirl

Here is part of the quarantined message

Content-Type: image/gif; name="salesgirl cobalt conakry infamy
incompressible tool annoyance breadboard coleus orient cistern
meg goldstine henbane scurrilous inexperience oldy utah printmake
yonkers promenade causal retrofitting come markovian promisc
uity anomalous raccoon gravestone dredge duel .gif"

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