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Wed Mar 15 13:14:42 GMT 2006

Thanks for this Stephen and Julian. I tried applying this but then I
discovered it doesn't work with our setup. Our MailScanner is on another
server and EXIM/IMAP on another. So what happens is that emails sent to
other domains that are also hosted on the same server get delivered
locally and thus the rules don't get applied.
Is there an extra setting that I can do (or perhaps a setting on Exim)?

Thanks a lot in advance for any help guys.

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>> Hello All.
>> I need a quick help. I would like to do a filtering based on the from
>> and
>> to headers and then forward emails to a specific email address if
>> matched.
>> To be more detailed:
>> Condition: <From: user1 at> and <To: *>
>> Action: Forward to user3 at
>> We're running MailScanner and Exim with MySQL. I have been googling
>> since
>> this morning and can't find the answer that I need. I hope someone can
>> help.
>> Thanks in advance.
>> Now it's back to googling for me...
>> Cheers,
> You pretty much wrote the rule yourself. Create a rule set for Non Spam
> Actions (and Spam Actions and High Spam Actions if necessary):
> From:	user1 at and To: * forward user3 at
> delete
> FromOrTo:	default deliver
> Each rule above should be entered on a single line.
> I believe this is in the Example and Readme files in the rules directory.
> Steve
> Stephen Swaney
> Fort Systems Ltd.
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