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> Hello All.
> I need a quick help. I would like to do a filtering based on the from and
> to headers and then forward emails to a specific email address if matched.
> To be more detailed:
> Condition: <From: user1 at> and <To: *>
> Action: Forward to user3 at
> We're running MailScanner and Exim with MySQL. I have been googling since
> this morning and can't find the answer that I need. I hope someone can
> help.
> Thanks in advance.
> Now it's back to googling for me...
> Cheers,

You pretty much wrote the rule yourself. Create a rule set for Non Spam
Actions (and Spam Actions and High Spam Actions if necessary):

From:	user1 at and To: * forward user3 at
FromOrTo:	default deliver

Each rule above should be entered on a single line.

I believe this is in the Example and Readme files in the rules directory. 


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